All surgeons know the frustration of getting bone void fillers to the right place. Either they have been required to fill the defects before reduction, or figure out a way to inject or pack the filler around the fixation. Both ways have the potential of being frustrating, time consuming and wasteful of expensive materials. With The N-Force Fixation system you can deliver indicated bone void fillers (iN3 Cement in Europe) directly through the fixation screw.

The N-Force Fixation System Screws ( are available in Fully Cannulated and Partially Cannulated designs. Washers are available for use with these screw designs. The Partially Cannulated design is recommended when the tip of the Screw may penetrate the opposite cortex in any respective bone. This Partially Cannulated design is to avoid the possibility of biomaterial introduction out of the Screw into the soft tissues adjacent to the periosteum of the respective bone. The Partially Cannulated Screw is inserted after pre-drilling with a 2.7mm Cannulated Drill. The Fully Cannulated Screws are used in conjunction with 1.4mm K-Wires and a 2.7mm Cannulated Drill for accurate placement of the Screws within the bone. With the N-Force Fixation System the surgeon simply inserts the screws where needed and injects iN3 Cement directly through the cannulated screw into the bone defect.


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