iN3 Cement is a synthetic, biocompatible bone substitute material for filling bone defects and for the support of fixation of osteosynthetic hardware (e.g. bone screws).  The device is presented as a sterile, single use implantable device intended for use in minimally invasive or open surgery.  iN3 Cement should only be used by surgeons experienced in the handling of bone defect materials, respective surgical techniques as well as in the treatment of bone defects. 

iN3 Cement is a mineral bone composed of calcium and phosphate salts finely dispersed in a biocompatible oil phase, which is made from synthetic short-chain triglycerides and two surfacants (Macrogolglycerol ricinoleate Ph.Eur.syn Polyoxyl-35-castoroil USP/NF and Hexadecyldhydrogenphosphate). iN3 Cement is supplied in a double barrel cartridge containing a 4:1 ratio of the calcium phosphate component (Paste-CPC) and sterile saline (0.9% w/v EP Sodium Chloride for injection) together with a dispenser, mixing applicators and cannula for easy use. iN3 Cement is applied from the device into the bone defect  without need for additional preparation.


iN3 Cement offers the surgeon the following benefits:

Injectable Calcium Phosphate Cement

Surgeon controlled injectability and Setting

Optimized for use with Osteosynthetic Hardware

Equivalent to Mineral Component of Natural Bone

No preparation, no mixing

Unique Intrusive properties




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